Positive Outlook

This morning while I was driving my son to school he asked me who bought the paintings that I delivered on yesterday.  Yes, I will make deliveries on a Sunday. I told him who it was and then he asked me how much did I sell them for.  I told him and his eyes bucked.  I also told him that it was at a discounted price.  He was shocked at the amount.  I said that I have someone else who is interested in a painting that cost almost three times as much.  His eyes bucked again.  He said, mom you charge too much for your paintings that more people will buy if they were cheaper.  I expained to him that artwork can be worth thousands of dollars and that one day I hope to reach that plato.  I told him my plans to make my art a full time endeavor and paint for the rest of my life.  He then said, yeah then you could tell your boss that you quit and just walk out.  I said to him, no son I can’t do that, you never want to burn your bridges.  He said why does it matter you will never have to go back.  Of course I explained to him that you never know what could happen, that I may need them and its just the right thing to do.  He said we are going to be rich.  I wish I felt in my heart the way he did.  Yes he is only twelve years old and don’t know any better, but it reminds me of how when your young you have high hopes and a postive outlook on the things. Having this positve attitude is one of the paths on my rejuvenation journey.  When your waiting for that sale to come through the door so you can meet all your financial obligations you have to believe that you will get through the ruff patches by staying positive that you are near the end and that much closer to your goals. The piece below is ispired by what I am feeling inside while I go through this journey. Its titled “The Cover Up” I will cover up the negative thoughts with colorful ones which will make my days a little bit brighter.



About crystallaurenabstracts

Crystal Lauren Cornell is a self -taught abstract artist. I was born and raised in Chicago but now reside in Southern California. I have been influenced by the arts every since I was a child. I had been an “in the closet painter” for over 20 years and had never shared my work with the public. It was not until 2008 that I first put a painting on EBay. It sold. I have collectors throughout the U.S. and Internationally. I love to use texture in my paintings it represents my feelings at the time of the painting. My artwork revolves around color, texture and layers. The layers represent the challenges in life that consume me. Underneath the layers is a textured imprint that represents an emotion I cover up. The color is the mirror to my soul that reflects those emotions. My art is therapy and relaxation that helps me to breathe and let go. Some of my paintings will come with a poem with the same title that put those emotions in to words. Music also plays a big part in my creative process the rhythmical journey directs the stroke of my brush. I call my work Abstract Expressionism Poetically & Lyrically Speaking. It has a contemporary design that will give your room that added flair.
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