Through The Fire

Through The Fire

This piece is painted on a 11×14 canvas panel that can be framed or be displayed on a table. It is painted with acrylic and oil colors. It is layered creating a texture.

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Art That Suits You

Have you ever wondered what it means to commission a piece of art.  Some people may think they could not afford to do so.  All it means is that you asked an artist to create a piece of art that suits your space.  It can be done to fit any budget.   All you have to do is inform the artist of what style, color and size you are looking for.   Once finished you will get a picture of the piece emailed to you for approval.  If you want more of a certain color then you can advise the artist if you want less than that can be changed.  The artist will work on it until you are satisfied.  That’s it, you have just commissioned an original painting from an artist.  Just think you owned an original painting from an artist whose art will go up in value as time goes on. 

In my Etsy shop I list painting that I have previously sold as a commission piece.  Like the one in the picture above.   You like the style of this painting but you want it in different colors.  You purchase the piece and I work on it for a week and send you a picture for approval.  Once it is approved it’s shipped.

Buying art that suits you don’t have to be difficult or expensive.  You have been wanting a piece of art for that space over your sofa for years and have never found what you are looking for.  You can easily commission a piece.  I even offer payment plans.  Check out my shop and have a look around.  Wish you the best of luck on finding the perfect piece that suits you.



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Your Purpose Inspires

Many people go through life not knowing or acknowledging what their purpose is.  Did you know that everyone has a purpose that touches the hearts and minds of someone.  For me it is my art.  I know painting is what I was born to do.  Through it I have touch lives in some form or fashion.  Whether it’s donating a painting for a charity or inspiring someone to find their niche in life.   Before I started painting I did all sorts of things. I made gift baskets, candles, home accents, and wrote poetry. I still write poetry but it does not inspire me like my art does.

I see other artist that inspire me to keep painting and sharing my work with the world.  Is  there someone who inspires you to find your purpose?  What is it you like to do as a hobby? What are you good at? What are the things that really get your attention? Have you seen or tasted something and said I can make that?

Well I want to inspire you by providing you with ideas. My blog will be resource of ideas. Is it cooking? would you like to learn how to make wine? Do you like fixing thing? Are you good at spiritual inspiration?  Every week I will introduce something to you.  I want to inspire you to find your purpose.  I will provide you with information on how to get started and how to improve your craft.  Learn from others who are doing what you would love to be doing and are successful at it.  Just think you may be able to make money doing what you love.

If you want to find your purpose then follow me.  Maybe you know someone who may need some inspiration. Please do me a favor and help me inspire someone you know to find their purpose. Invite them to my blog.

If you would like to be interviewed about something you do that will inspire someone contact me at  I can’t wait to get started.


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Kindred Spirits

Having Kindred Spirits in your life is truly a blessing.  They share your beliefs and they live in your soul.   They remind you of who you are because they are similar.  You compliment each other.  Your unity impresses others.  You speak the same langauge but in your own voice. Your dreams are their dream because you support each other.  You share space in each others hearts and minds.

This is my latest works of art.  It’s a 3 piece grouping.  48×60 in total size.  $585.00 . Don’t forget if you win the 40% off giveaway you could get it for $234.00 plus free shipping. 

“Kindred Spirits”

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May Giveaway 40% OFF Free Shipping

It has been a few days since my last post. I have been busy coming up with new product ideas. I decided that now is the time to offer a GIVEAWAY. The winner will receive 40% discount on any piece of art in my shop or a custom made piece. Shipping is free.  You can get a piece like this one in the size and color of your choice. Visit my shop to see the rest of my work.

The winner will be randomly selected on 5/31/12. The winner will receive an paypal invoice at the time purchase minus the 40% discount. You will also get free shipping.  Click on the link below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Human Touch

If you saw my last video of me painting Human Touch on the Watch Me Work page you are probably waiting to see how the painting turned out…… drum roll please….

It has been a busy, exciting week and it is not over yet.  Besides painting, I have been working on an gallery opportunity that will take me to my next level.  I am very excited about it and will be sharing it with you soon.  I also have created a video slide show of my work which is available for purchase at my Etsy Shop.  Please go to my Watch Me Work page to see the slide show.  I hope you enjoy.

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Pressing On

This is the last day of the first month of my rejuvenation Journey. I have had many inspiring and fearful moments. I’ve been uplifted and torn down. I have been energized and weary. Through it all I have tried to see the forest through the trees. Some days I had to really push myself.  Other days I had to slow down and take a step back and re-evaluate. Yesterday I was under the spell of defeat. Felt like I was in a trance, hypnotized. I could not move. I did not want to do anything! I prayed and was reminded of the sermon at church that morning to PRESS ON! It was at that very moment that I got the strength to do just that. I started moving around. I was lead to my storage closet and found paintings that I had done last year. I had not titled one of them yet nor shown it. Well here it is “HYPNOTIZED”

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